Landslip repairs at Kex Gill to be completed ahead of schedule

One of the main routes in the North of England which has been closed due to a landslip is to reopen this weekend following an extensive repair scheme.

North Yorkshire Council’s highways team were forced to close the A59 at Kex Gill in February, after the start of the year was one of the wettest on record.

The prolonged wet weather made conditions even more challenging on the road, which is a key route linking the east and west of the country.

The most effective repair scheme was chosen, which involved the installation of more than 85 metres of steel sheets – known as piles – to create a structural wall.

Kex Gill sheet piling
Kex Gill sheet piling

The road behind the sheet piles was then reconstructed, along with drainage works and the relocation of telephone cables.

This week will see resurfacing take place, with the road expected to reopen on Saturday morning (June 22).

North Yorkshire Council’s corporate director of environment, Karl Battersby, said: “We thank residents and businesses for their continued patience whilst these essential works come to an end. 

“During the repair scheme we extended working hours to ensure the road can be reopened as soon as possible.

“Our focus can now turn to the multi-million pound re-alignment project. The latest landslip proves more than ever that the scheme is essential to ensure the future of this key east-west route.”

Kex Gill has a history of landslips and over the years there have been many unplanned and costly closures. They cause an inconvenience for users of the A59, the surrounding towns and villages, and are detrimental for businesses and local farmers.

The re-alignment project involves the creation of a new four-kilometre stretch of road, replacing an existing part of the A59 which has been affected by the landslips.

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