Gujarat man builds ‘Lamborghini’ out of Honda Civic for just ₹12.5 lakh. Watch unbelievable transformation | Trending

An Indian man has modified a Honda Civic into a Lamborghini Terzo Millennio electric concept car. The transformation of the sedan into a model of the Italian luxury car is viral and has left auto enthusiasts impressed.

YouTuber Tanna Dhaval is based in Gujarat. (Instagram/tannadhaval)

YouTuber Tanna Dhaval, who is based in Gujarat, bought a brand new Honda Civic 1.8 2008 model for the massive project that took over a year to complete.

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Utilising the engine and accessories of the Honda Civic, he meticulously built his yellow ‘Lamborghini’ by sourcing other parts.

The metal frame or the chassis of the car cost over 1 lakh, excluding the labour charges, Dhaval said. Labour charges was around 3 lakh.

The total cost of the transformation project was around 12.5 lakh.

As for the wheels, he said he could not get wheels that looked like that of a Lamborghini.

Dhaval got a Lamborghini sticker logo made and pasted it on the bonnet of the car.

“It feels good, especially when one has spent a lot of money on this project,” Dhaval said in one of his videos.

The content creator has documented the entire process in multiple videos on his YouTube channel.

Watch the video of the Gujarat YouTuber here:

Dhaval’s transformation of the vehicle does not end there. He has also added “63” sticker at the rear end of the modified car as a tribute to British racing driver George Russell.

He used acrylic sheet with a black film instead of actual glass in the car. The windows of the modified car cannot be opened.

“Lamborghini is an Italian company but our India’s flag should also be there (on the car),” he said, showing the tricolours stuck on the car.

“We’ve ased all jugaad items. Everything had to match.”

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