5 habits that are actually self-doubt: Therapist explains | Health

Often, we feel that we are not confident with ourselves – our life choices, our decisions and our opinions. Self-doubt can crumble our self-confidence and self-awareness. It can make us doubt everything that we say or do. “When we look at others it’s easy to fall into the trap of only seeing their confidence and successes. Rarely do we dig deeper than that. I used to think that confidence meant we have it all figured out that there is no more doubt. And oh boy was I wrong! Confidence doesn’t mean you have it figured out; it’s trusting that you can. You can be confident and still have doubts. You can have doubts and still be confident,” wrote Therapist Klara Kernig.

5 habits that are actually self-doubt: Therapist explains(Unsplash)

Here are a few habits that are actually self-doubt:

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Overthinking before making a decision: Even if the decision is a small one and it won’t affect us much, we have a difficult time taking the decision. We think and overthink and weigh the pros and cons to decide. This happens because deep down we are not sure about what we want.

Asking others for opinion: We are not sure about our own perspectives and opinions, and hence, we go around asking people about theirs. Sometimes, we also ask people and seek their help to help us make decisions.

Scared of sharing ideas: We feel that our ideas and opinions may not be important enough to be shared. Sometimes, even when we gear up to share our opinions, we preface it with an apology because we do not want to offend others.

Comparison: We always get into the unhealthy loop of comparing ourselves with others. We compare our life choices, decisions and timelines with that of others and feel that we are not doing good enough.

Procrastination: We often mistake procrastination to be a time management issue, while it is actually an emotional management issue. We try to procrastinate when we are not ready to face things.

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