Apoorva Arora Reveals How Yoga Helped Her Manage PCOD Symptoms

Mumbai, June 20: Actress Apoorva Arora, known for her roles in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Kannada movies, recently explained how yoga has positively impacted her health. She mentioned that practising yoga has helped her manage symptoms related to PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease). International Day of Yoga 2024 Theme.

“Yoga has been crucial in my fitness journey. I’ve tried multiple forms of exercise but it turns out that yoga has been the most sustainable one for me. It has helped me relieve PCOD-related symptoms over the years and also helped heal old injuries.” said Apoorva. PCOD is a medical condition of hormonal imbalance that disrupts the normal fertility cycle in women.

The actress further added, “I’ve recently ventured into ‘chakras’ practice and while I’m still exploring this aspect, I feel there has definitely been a positive change. I recommend yoga to children and young adults who want to venture into performing arts or sports because it’s a great base to have before you start any kind of training.” Yoga Day 2024: From Reducing Stress to Improving Concentration, Explore the Mental Health Benefits of Yoga To Mark the International Day of Yoga.

Recently, the actress attended the Adishakti workshop at Auroville, which, she said, gave her a deeper understanding of herself as an artist.

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