Cab Driver In Bengaluru Launched Own App To Compete With Ola-Uber; The Internet Dub Him Real White Tiger

Add this to your yet another cliched Peak Bengaluru moments folder. An enterprising lad who drives Uber for a living came up with his own app for ride-hailing in the Silicon Valley of India. The cabbie named Lokesh also claimed to have garnered over 600 drivers on his platform. He also stated that the app, dubbed Nano Travels, is releasing its iOS version. The coding for the app was done by a local software firm. Shared by a user on X/Twitter who apparently hailed a ride in the cab of Mr. Lokesh, the post sparked a plethora of reactions. The user remarked that Lokesh sounded very enterprising and even provided a brochure for the startup.

Meanwhile, the internet went on an overdrive, reacting to the local Lokesh turning ‘white tiger’. While some appreciated it, others junked the whole endeavor, and a few made light of the startup by the cabbie. A few noted how this business is tough and poses cutthroat competition. A few asked how this app would be different if the fares were gonna be the same? Don’t fall for these enterprising ideas, said one user. One user recalled that they might have bumped into the same fella while on the way back from Bengaluru Airport. ‘Hope he fares well,’ wished another user.

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