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Chocolates have no haters and for all the right reasons as these sweet treats are enough to make our day better. Chocolates make for the best gifts as well. Whether gifting a kid to make them feel happy or surprising our romantic partner, chocolates are the go-to gift option. Children love chocolates more than adults and are often seen munching on them throughout the day. However, are chocolates healthy?

Chocolate’s high sugar content promotes the growth of germs in the mouth, contributing to plaque and gum disease. (Unsplash)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, D Gunita Singh, BDS, MD Dental Lasers at Dentem, The Dental and Orthodontic Clinic, said, “Too much of anything, even chocolate and candies, is dangerous. Keep your kids away as much as possible. Because, while our minds may adore chocolate, our teeth do not. Dark chocolate still has some health benefits, but milk and sweet chocolates should be avoided.”

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Chocolates are a big no for children. Here’s why

High sugar content:

Chocolate’s high sugar content promotes the growth of germs in the mouth, contributing to plaque and gum disease.

Tooth damage:

Bacteria in the mouth convert sugar into acids, leading to tooth damage and caries.

Weak enamel:

Chocolate’s sugar content weakens enamel, causing sensitivity to heat and cold.

Dental sensitivity:

Chocolates contain cocoa which is an abrasive that can cause dental sensitivity and enamel defects.

Tooth enamel degradation:

When we consume chocolate, it sticks to our teeth. Bacteria in our teeth begin to degrade food particles, resulting in the production of acid. Acid lowers the mouth’s pH, contributing to tooth enamel degradation.

However, chocolates can be healthy for the body when consumed in moderation within an hour of finishing a meal.

Benefits of eating chocolate:

Dr Gunita Singh pointed out the benefits of consuming chocolate in moderation – “Polyphenols in dark, raw, and unprocessed chocolates may help combat bacteria in the mouth, reducing foul breath. Additionally, flavonoids found in dark chocolate can decrease tooth decay. Antioxidants in dark chocolate are beneficial to overall well-being. Even for gum health.”

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