Cyberpunk 2077 2.0: Charge Jump or Double Jump? All leg Cyberware compared

One of the oldest arguments in Cyberpunk 2077 is over which leg Cyberware to pick: Fortified Ankles or Reinforced Tendons. The age-old discussion of whether or V should go with a Charge Jump or Double Jum p on their path to becoming a legend of the Afterlife has never really ended, but CD Projekt RED has seen fit to complicate the debate slightly with the addition of three new leg Cyberware options in the 2.0 update.

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These new options, namely the Jenkins’ Tendons, Lynx Paws, and the Iconic Leeroy Ligament System, add new options for those who feel like they can get around without the benefit of a better jump height.

But ultimately, the choice is influenced mainly by the greater overhaul of Cyberpunk 2077‘s Perk and Attribute system, particularly the new “Dash” moves unlocked in the Reflexes tree and some of the other movement-related Perks in the Cool and Body trees. These mobility options can greatly change the calculus, not just for the new leg Cyberware options, but for the original choice of Double Jump or Charged Super Jump.

Read on for our guide to Cyberpunk 2077 2.0’s new leg Cyberware, and how it and the new perks might settle the old debate.

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Charge Jump or Double Jump in Cyberpunk 2077? Which Leg Cyberware is the best

We’ve sat down and tested each leg Cyberware option in Cyberpunk 2077, including the ones added for the 2.0 update. What we’ve learned is that while the new options provide some useful utility on their own, the Charge Jump and Double Jump have both been improved considerably by the new movement-related Perks unlocked by the Attribute trees, making them even better options than before.

Fortified Ankles / Charge Jump

Fortified Ankles unlocks the charge jump. In simple terms, it’s a jump with a much greater maximum height than any other. You need to charge your jump by holding the jump button, and can do so while on the move. Releasing the jump button lets V jump a great height, enough to get to the roof of smaller buildings in a single bound, or to climb to tall, otherwise inaccessible ledges in Night City proper. Installing Fortified Ankles also reduces your fall damage, so V is less likely to be stunned on landing.

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It should be noted that the “hovering” effect on the highest-tier Fortified Ankles is gone as of Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0, so V can no longer jump from lethal heights and survive, or hover and take aim at enemies (at least, not without certain other Cyberware and Perk choices).

When paired with the Air Dash unlocked at high-level Reflexes investment, the Fortified Ankles charge jump becomes an ideal platform for reaching inaccessible heights and setting up powerful attack combos, such as slow-motion air dashes with the Air Kerenzikov Perk, or airborne attacks using the air-specialist Zetatech Sandevistan or superhero landings with the Zetatech Berserk. All you’ll need to do is jump to maximum height, then move as you will with an air dash.

That said, with a good proportion of combat Cyberpunk 2077 taking place in enclosed areas, the sheer height of a charge jump can’t always be exploited.

Reinforced Tendons / Double Jump

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The good old-fashioned double jump is a stable of classic video games when you opt for the Reinforced Tendons. The double jump gives you mid-air control of your direction, and importantly, much more airtime in terms of overall jump distance.

The Reinforced Tendons also boost your jump height slightly, though not nearly as much as with the charged jump. Thus, V can cross wider gaps between buildings and reach farther ledges as long as they’re not too high up.

The double jump is particularly good when paired with the Air Dash and Perks like Aerial Acrobat that improve your control over direction in mid-air. V can then use the Air Dash at the peak of a double jump to make something of a triple-jump, changing direction each time and preventing enemies from getting a good lock.

When sprinting in the open world, V can also move very quickly when double jumping and air dashing forward. In some cases, V can even outrun cars with this combination.

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Lynx Paws / Crouch Speed

Lynx Paws are an alternative leg Cyberware choice that doesn’t touch the jump height or distance, but instead improves V’s movement when crouched.

Lynx Paws reduce falling damage, as well dampening movement sounds by 50% and increasing crouched movement speed by up to 12% at Tier 5. Lynx Paws are also Cool-attuned, meaning that they add to headshot and weakspot damage with high points in the Cool attribute.

Lynx Paws are a stealth-oriented Cyberware, and have good synergy with Perks in the Cool tree like Ninjutsu (which allows sprinting while crouched) and Shinobi Sprint, which reduces stamina drain while crouch-sprinting.

That said, losing the versatility of enhanced jumps (whether charge jump or double jump) is something of a steep price to pay for slightly enhanced stealth capabilities, especially since a stealth-oriented build can make just as much use of the jumps in other contexts.

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Jenkins’ Tendons and Leeroy Ligament System / Sprint and movement speed boost

Jenkins’ Tendons are slightly complicated way to sprint faster. They confer a large bonus to sprint speed that tapers off the longer you sprint uninterrupted.

This bonus starts at +30% sprint speed, but declines over the course of 5 seconds to a minimum of +10%.

In other words, Jenkins’ Tendons enables a very fast, short burst of sprinting speed. It’s good for moving between cover or closing the distance in a melee build, or to build on top of the movements available in a Dash or Air Dash.

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Meanwhile, the Iconic Leeroy Ligament System is an iconic form of the Jenkins’ Tendons, replacing the temporary sprint boost with a flat bonus to all movement speed that tops out at +20% at Tier 5.

The ability to sprint, walk, and run much faster than before is definitely a boon for a pedestrian V. But as with the Lynx Paws the price of losing access to the charge jump and double jump seems too steep to pay, especially in light of the sheer mobility afforded by those upgraded jumps when used in conjunction with Air Dash.

Charge Jump vs Double Jump: which is better?

If you want an outright answer as to which is better… is it a cop-out to say that it depends what you want from your version of V? Well, maybe, but it is true. Just like picking the best perks to match your character build, you’ll want to pick a leg cyberware to match the way you play.

  • If you want the highest, most impressive jump in order to reach unseen parts of Night City, you’ll want to go for the charged jump, which means picking up the fortified ankles.
  • If you’d prefer to have generally enhanced traversal, we recommend the Double Jump – just traveling the streets of Night City feels different and way more open with a double jump, and if you end up in a tight spot, you can far more easily escape.
  • Both jumps interact quite well with the new dash and air dash moves, though the double jump affords quite a bit more control in combat when used in combination with the dashes.

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How to unlock the Charged Jump & Double Jump (and Lynx Paws and Jenkins’ Tendons)

If you want to get your hands on the cyberware that unlocks the Charged Jump or Double Jump, you’ll simply need to pay a visit to a Ripeprdoc. These guys are all over Night City, and of course can be easily enough found on the mini-map. Previously, the stock of each Ripperdoc varied, but now all Ripperdocs sell the same items, with the exception of the Leeroy Ligament System, which is found only in Dogtown’s Ripperdoc lineup, making it an effective Phantom Liberty exclusive.

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