Cyberpunk 2077 2.1 Cyberware list: Best Cyberware and where to get Legendary Cyberware in Phantom Liberty

While it is a big old open-world game, Cyberpunk 2077 is a sprawling RPG too – and that means lots of gear, equipment and other character progression to worry about. One of the most significant of those aspects? Well, that’d be Cyberware, the body augmentations fitted by Ripperdocs. Your Cyberware loadout essentially defines your build in Cyberpunk 2077, as much as your attributes and perk selections do.

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There are also many more cyberware options available from your local Ripper now. To that end, we’ve comprehensively updated our master list of Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 to account for version 2.0 and Phantom Liberty. Read on for more. For advice on building out your Attributes and Perks, check out our general build guide for version 2.0 and Phantom Liberty.

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Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Cyberware: What’s Changed With 2.0

Before we get into our picks of the best Cyberware and you go off hunting it, it’s important to talk about how things have changed in version 2.0 and Phantom Liberty. As of the major 2.0 update and the release of the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion, developer CD Projekt RED has overhauled the game’s whole approach to Cyberware. Unlike previous versions of the game, Cyberware is now essentially a player’s “equipment”, and now primary source for armor and nearly all passive statistical bonuses. Almost all clothing-based stat bonuses, clothing mods, and Cyberware mods are entirely gone, now, leaving clothes purely a matter of looks. Technical Aptitude Perks like Chipware Connoisseur, Driver Update, and License to Chrome can alter the bonuses provided by different Cyberware, as well as unlock new Cyberware slots.

Like before, each piece of Cyberware comes comes in five different “rarity” tiers: Common (grey), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (orange). A few “Iconic” tier cyberware items have special names and backgrounds on their item cards. Iconic Cyberware typically has some unique bonuses. Each rarity tier of Cyberware shows up in Ripperdoc inventories every 10 levels, with Tier 5 (Legendary/Orange) Cyberware showing up at level 40 and beyond. Cyberware can also be upgraded using crafting components at the Ripperdoc. Upgrading is the only way to increase a Cyberware module’s rarity to the maximum of Tier 5++. Provided you have the crafting components available, it usually costs less money to upgrade a lower-tier Cyberware than to buy a new one of the desired rarity.

Though Cyberware doesn’t have specific attribute requirements anymore, the functions of a given cyberware module are typically tuned to enhance a style of play. At Tier 3 and above (Rare/Blue), most Cyberware pieces become “attuned” to a specific attribute (such as Body or Intelligence). This causes them to contribute a minor stat bonus based on how many points you have in their attuned attribute. These bonuses stack, so you can equip multiple pieces of Cyberware attuned to a desired Attribute to further increase your bonuses.

Here are the possible effects of each Attribute Attunement per Attribute point you have. Check the tooltips at the Ripperdoc when installing Cyberware to check which you’ll get:

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  • Body Attuned- +0.5% damage, +0.5 Health, +0.5% damage-over-time resistance, +0.5% damage during Berserk,
  • Reflexes Attuned – +0.5% damage, +0.1% Crit Chance, +0.1 sec. Sandevistan duration
  • Technical Ability Attuned – +0.5% damage, +0.5 Armor, +0.25% activation chance (for Shock-N-Awe), +0.1% Health Item efficiency, +0.1% Tech weapon damage, +0.1% Ricochet damage
  • Intelligence Attuned – +0.5% damage, +0.05% all dealt damage, +0.1% Smart weapon damage
  • Cool Attuned – +0.5% damage, +0.2% headshot and weakspot damage, +0.1% damage reduction
You'll soon be very familiar with this screen as you play Cyberpunk 2077

What’s the Best Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0?

The answer to the question of “What is the best Cyberware in the game?” will depend on your character, their perks and attributes, their choice of weapon, and even how much Cyberware Capacity they even have: A fancy new implant is useless if you can’t equip it.

That said, there are a few items we’d say have almost universal application, and here’s a list of the ones we think are great additions to any V’s loadout.

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Where to get Legendary Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 and Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 Legendary Cyberware and hacks are much less hard to find following the recent updates, but they're still very much worth your while - they can make V absolutely brutal in combat.

In 2.0, all Ripperdocs now sell almost all available Cyberware. Getting new cyberware options is only a matter of your level. The highest tier of purchaseable Cyberware starts appearing in Ripperdoc inventories at level 40. Unlike previous versions of Cyberpunk 2077, you won’t encounter situations where a quest choice will permanently lock away access to powerful Cyberware (watch yourself, Fingers!).

So, unless stated otherwise, a given piece of Cyberware is available at the nearest Ripperdoc provided you’re at the right level. Phantom Liberty-exclusive Cyberware can be found at Ripperdocs located inside Dogtown, and occasionally looted from the semi-random “Airdop” missions that pop up in the territory.

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Unique, iconic, legendary weapons, however, are still a matter of earning them from missions, finding them in the world, or crafting them from specs.

This man is your friend in Cyberpunk 2077. He implants cyberware for freedom.

Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 and Phantom Liberty Cyberware List

Here’s our master list of every Cyberware option in Cyberpunk 2077 following the 2.0 update and the release of Phantom Liberty. The Cyberware options are organized by what slot they take up in V’s body. We’ve also added brief descriptions of their effects and our recommendations for their use.

The Operating System is one of the most consequential cyberware choices you'll make.

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Operating System

Operating system Cyberware is one of the most important you can equip in Cyberpunk 2077, as your choice of OS basically unlocks your “core superpower” around which the rest of your build revolves. For Netrunners that’s a Cyberdeck, which unlocks Quickhacking. For melee users and some gun-based builds, the Sandevistan unlocks a togglable time-slowing effect. And for tanky melee specialists, the Berserk makes you briefly invincible and amps up your close-range damage output.

The list of Operating System Cyberware is subdivided by category, but we get into the nitty gritty of evaluating your OS options in our detailed guides.


Cyberdecks are required hardware if you want to do some hacking, and each ‘deck is specialized to reward certain approaches to hacking in and out of combat. For more detailed Cyberdeck recommendations, check out our comprehensive review of all Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberdecks.

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  • Militech Paraline – Starter Cyberdeck, suitable for combat hackers using Smart Guns.
  • Biotech Sigma – Specialized Cyberdeck that favors damage-over-time quickhacks and Monowire.
  • Tetratronic Rippler – Debuff-focused Cyberdeck that adds damage for mixing up your Quickhacks.
  • Raven Microcyber – Spread-focused Cyberdeck that widens a hacker’s AOE attacks.
  • Arasaka – Stealth-focused Cyberdeck that enhances Covert Quickhacks.
  • Netwatch Netdriver – An Iconic specialized Cyberdeck that amplifies Quickhack effects when delivered through a camera and reduces RAM costs for hacking vehicles and devices.
  • Militech Canto – A spooky Iconic Cyberdeck that’s exclusive to one of Phantom Liberty‘s ending paths. It mounts a unique, deadly quickhack, but is somewhat lacking in other respects as a Cyberdeck. Check our Iconic Weapon guide under “Erebus” for instructions on how to unlock its Crafting Spec.


Berserks have gotten a major overhaul for Cyberpunk 2077 2.0, and are now, in essence, a “Hulk Mode” button that makes V invincible for a short duration and improving their stats while locking away the ability to use ranged weapons or items.

  • Moore Tech Berserk – Basic model Berserk, with barebones function, in exchange for lower Cyberware Capacity cost.
  • Biodyne Berserk – Basic Berserk that also boosts Crit damage, crit chance, and melee attack speed. Reflexes Attuned, so it’s good for blades or Arm Cyberware melee builds.
  • Zetatech Berserk – Increases attack speed, reduces fall damage, and unlocks Superhero Landing when jumping from above with a Blunt Weapon.
  • Militech Berserk – Iconic Berserk that makes V completely invulnerable (rather than simply preventing health from going below a certain level), with a larger attack speed, movement speed, and damage boost at low health.


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Sandevistan is a “bullet time” button that allows V to effectively slow down time briefly, and in some cases speeding up V’s own actions. Unlike pre-2.0 “sandies”, high-tier Sandevistans can be drained partially, making them much more versatile than before.

  • Dynalar Sandevistan – Basic Sandevistan with 50% time slow for and Crit chance/Crit damage boost.
  • Zetatech Sandevistan – Aerial-focused Sandie with 30% time slow for 6 sec.. When activated in midair, though, time slow improves to 60% and gains headshot and weakspot damage boost, and fall damage reduction.
  • QianT “Warp Dancer” Sandevistan – 20% time slow, but V is not slowed down. Increased Mitigation chance and strength, increased damage resistance.
  • Militech “Falcon” Sandevistan – Can be activated at any charge level. Slows time by 70% (you are not slowed), with damage, crit chance, crit damage boosts. Neutralizing enemies while active increases duration and restores health.
  • Militech “Apogee” Sandevistan – Can be activated at any charge level. Slows time by 85% (you are not slowed), adds headshot damage, crit chance/damage boost, and restores stamina and duration when neutralizing enemies while active.

Chrome Compressor

As detailed in the recommendation above, the Chrome Compressor is a Phantom Liberty Iconic Cyberware that allows you to forgo an Operating System in exchange for a massive increase in Cyberware Capacity, allowing a player to equip peculiar combinations of high-end Cyberware in the other slots. Worthwhile for a player that has their build planned out and doesn’t like exotic powers.

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Hand Cyberware governs V’s interactions with weapons, unlocking functionality with them or enhancing their effects. The Technical Ability Perk “Ambidextrous” can unlock a second Hand Cyberware slot.

  • Ballistic Coprocessor – Technically speaking, Power Weapons can ricochet without you having to equip this cheap Cyberware. However, they won’t do so reliably, and you can’t track your bullets’ trajectory without it. The Coprocessor also boosts the damage of ricochet strikes as well. Quite useful if you like to use (unsilenced) Power Weapons, though the guns work perfectly fine without it.
  • Smart Link – As mentioned, a Smart Link is required hardware to make Smart Weapons functional. Without it, or a similar implant like the Tyger Claws Dermal Imprint, Together Forever, or Johnny’s Special tattoos, a Smart Weapon is basically a weak gun with an unusable reticle. Smart Links also boost the power of Smart Weapons in general and add a bit of Max RAM, leaning into their hacking-adjacent specialization.
  • Handle Wrap – This new Cyberware option is all about enhancing the crit chance on throwable weapons like knives. It can be useful if you really love throwing weapons, but it’s a little light on functionality to spend precious Cyberware Capacity on.
  • Shock Absorber – Reduces recoil from firing weapons. A useful one for those who favor Power and Tech weapons, since Smart Weapons automatically compensate for recoil when locked on.
    • Immovable Force is the Iconic version of the Shock Absorber and is exclusive to Phantom Liberty. It adds a bullet spread reduction effect, while also activating effects for ranged weapons that otherwise only occur behind cover (such as the Ready Steady mod’s additional recoil reduction).
  • Microgenerator – Microgenerators cause you to do an area-of-effect electroshock attack on the first shot after reloading an empty weapon. It’s quite powerful, but you’ll have to adjust your shooting habits. Make sure to drain the whole magazine and only reload when empty. Also note that Perks or mods that refund your ammo will cancel out this effect.


Arm Cyberware gives V access to a new weapon for use when “unarmed”, expanding available tactical options and unlocking powerful synergies. The Phantom Liberty Relic Perk “Jailbreak” also unlocks new abilities and traits related to Arm Cyberware.

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  • Mantis Blades – Mantis blades deploy from your forearms and allow you to unleash rapid cutting attacks from melee range. They can be enhanced with the Relic Perks in Phantom Liberty to unlock a special long-range leaping attack. Mantis Blades can be purchased with different damage types and Attribute Attunements, with versions that deal Electrical, Physical, Thermal, and Chemical damage.
    • MaxTac Mantis Blades are iconic Mantis Blades that have a unique appearance but are otherwise identical to standard Physical Mantis Blades. You can get one by killing the MaxTac officer Melissa Rory during the “Bullets” Side Gig in the base game, or receive one as a reward from Mr. Hands during one of Phantom Liberty‘s ending paths.
  • Monowire – The preferred weapons of hackers like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners‘ Lucy Kushinada, Monowires deploy razor-sharp filaments from your wrists to use in lashing attacks. Monowires are heavily focused on Intelligence-tree Perks, and have high synergy with hacking builds. In Phantom Liberty, the Jailbreak Relic Perk unlocks a Quickhack slot on your Monowire, allowing you to upload a Control Quickhack with charged attacks on an enemy. Monowires are sold with Electrifying, Thermal, Physical, and Toxic subtypes.
  • Gorilla Arms – Pretty much the best Arm Cyberware if you don’t have anything else in mind, Gorilla Arms give bonuses to Body Attribute checks and make the boxing subquests easy. In Phantom Liberty, you can also charge up Gorilla Arm punches to send enemies flying.
  • Projectile Launch System – This is a useful alternative to using regular grenades. The PLS recharges and lets you launch a rocket that does damage at range. Your choice of elemental damage will also add a chance to inflict an appropriate status effect on enemies. Phantom Liberty unlocks a Relic Perk that reconfigures your launch to fire 5 rockets at once.


Leg Cyberware increases V’s movement and agility, opening up Night City’s varied terrain. If you’re struggling to pick between the double jump or charged jump upgrades, hit that link for our verdict in a separate guide.

  • Reinforced Tendons – Unlocks the double-jump.
  • Fortified Ankles – Unlocks charge jumps.
  • Lynx Paws – Reduces movement noise and increases movement speed when crouched.
  • Jenkins’ Tendons – A short-distance sprint enhancer, increasing your sprint speed greatly (30% at max) and reducing over a period of 5 seconds (to a minimum of 10%).
    • Leeroy Ligament System – an Iconic version of Jenkins’ Tendons, these give you a flat bonus to movement speed that’s less than the bonus given by standard Jenkins’ Tendons, but doesn’t taper off over time.

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Frontal Cortex

Frontal Cortex Cyberware typically governs hacking, with most modules enhancing quickhacks or Cyberdeck RAM in some way. That said, Cyberware like the Newton Module, Mechatronic Core, and Self-ICE provides more universal benefit.

Replacing V's eyes with powerful new Cyberware can give you better visuals of what is going on across the battlefield.


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The old Ocular System Cyberware slot has been replaced by the Face slot as of Cyberpunk 2077 2.0. Whereas the old system simply had you linearly upgrade the single Kiroshi optics set you got at the start of the game, you can now select from an entire range of specialized Kiroshis that improve your scanning mode and general vision. The Face slot also holds the Phantom Liberty-exclusive Faceplate Cyberware.

Kiroshi Optics

You can choose different kinds of Kiroshi Optics mounts to change the behavior of your scanning mode. All Kiroshis include a zoom level when scanning that increases with the tier of the optics, from 4x at Tier 1 to 10x at Tier 5.

  • Basic Kiroshi Optics – Slows down camera detection speed.
  • Kiroshi “Clairvoyant Optics – Highlights enemies up to 19.5m away (at Tier 5). This basically becomes a passive enemy-identifying perk. It can be worthwhile for spotting foes, but it contributes a lot to visual noise.
  • Kiroshi “Doomsayer” Optics – Highlights traps and explosives near your crosshair up to 29m away (at Tier 5). Relatively limited utility, since mines and traps are pretty rare in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Kiroshi “Stalker” Optics – Highlights enemies behind cover in your field of vision up to 53m away when aiming a Tech Weapon (at Tier 5). Technically this will highlight hiding foes without a Tech Weapon, but only Tech Weapons pack a cover-penetration gimmick.
  • Kiroshi “Sentry” Optics – Highlights cameras and turrets up to 39m away (at Tier 5). Good for finding hidden gadgets to hack, and by default it has Intelligence Attunement, adding to your cumulative damage bonus. Less relevant for non-stealthy, non-hacking characters.
  • Kiroshi “The Oracle” Optics – Combined effects of Clairvoyant, Stalker, Doomsayer, and Sentry Optics, in exchange for high Cyberware Capacity cost. This costs more capacity than all the previous Optics packages combined, but includes all their effects. If you love having everything in your HUD lit up, The Oracle is for you.
  • Kiroshi “Cockatrice” Optics – Increases Crit chance by up to 35% (at Tier 5). For a damage min-maxing build that likes a clean screen and doesn’t need any aiming assists. Hefty capacity cost, though.

Behavioral Imprint-synced Faceplate

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An Iconic Cyberware acquired as part of the Phantom Liberty story, you can use this Cyberware like an item to clear a police bounty level of up to 4 Stars as long as you’re out of combat. Cooldown of 25 minutes.

Circulatory System

Circulatory System Cyberware typically has to do with health and stamina restoration. After 2.0, Cyberpunk 2077 is a generally deadlier game at all but the lowest difficulty levels. V’s newfound vulnerability is exacerbated by the fact that many new abilities trade heavily on your health. This increases the importance of the Cyberware in this family, so you’ll want to fill out your slots here.

  • Heal-On-Kill – A very useful implant, restoring a percentage of your health when you neutralize an enemy. Check our recommendations above for more detail.
  • Blood Pump – As mentioned in our recommendation above, this recharging health item is the most powerful single heal in the game, combining a burst heal and a heal-over-time. Check our recommendations above for more detail.
  • Biomonitor – Automatically heals you with an equipped Health Item when health drops below 35%. Works with Blood Pump, and a great safety net for Overclock-heavy combat styles and Edgerunner-based Cyberware loadouts.
  • Second Heart – A “save from death” item, refills your health when it reaches zero, then goes into cooldown. Warning: Doesn’t work on fall damage.
  • Adrenaline Booster – Restores stamina when you use a melee weapon to defeat an enemy. Essential for melee builds that aren’t centered around the use of Berserk (which typically turns off stamina drain while active).
  • Clutch Padding: Reduces stamina cost when shooting, potentially useful for gunnery builds.
    • Isometric Stabilizer is an Iconic, Phantom Liberty-exclusive version of the Clutch Padding. Its stamina cost reduction applies to all attacks.
  • Microrotors – Adds melee attack speed, a must-have for all melee-based characters, though the absolute utility is higher on builds that have slower attack speed (like blunt weapons).
  • ThreatEvac – Raises movement speed when health drops to 25%. Theoretically good for an escape when dying, but not worth the capacity in practice.
  • Feedback Circuit – Restores a small amount of health when hitting an enemy with a fully charged Tech Weapon shot. OK if you’re maining tech weapons exclusively, but otherwise very niche.
    • Electromag Recycler – An Iconic Feedback Circuit that restores stamina in addition to health on charged Tech Weapon hits.
  • Black Mamba – Massive increase to poison damage against Poisoned enemies, plus a damage bonus from all other sources against Poisoned enemies. There aren’t a lot of sources of Chemical/Toxic damage in the game, but if you use them (such as Neurotoxin Knives, Chemical Grenades, and Chemical damage Arm Cyberware), this can amp your damage output.

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Integumentary System

The Integumentary System family of upgrades houses a diverse range of Cyberware, though the majority of options are related to damage reduction armor bonuses, and Mitigation. Some unique pieces like the Cellular Adapter and Optical Camo are also part of this category.

  • Cogito Lattice – Boosts armor by a flat amount, which is multiplied by at least 200% when available RAM drops below a certain amount. Useful for additional survivability at high difficulties. Synergizes well with Netrunner builds that are heavy on Overclock and Edgerunner, which often have low health.
  • Pain Editor – A flat percentage reduction to damage from all sources. Costly in Cyberware capacity for a relatively low damage reduction overall. Better to stack mitigation, armor, and reactive healing in the Circulatory upgrades.
  • Carapace – Increases the effectiveness of armor when attacked from the side or rear. Useful for melee builds or agile gunners, as enhanced mobility will often leave enemies firing into your back and flanks.
  • Countershell – Gives a major, temporary boost to Mitigation Chance if you lose a large amount of health quickly. Focused on the Mitigation mechanic, which gives a flat chance to avoid a percentage of incoming damage equal to Mitigation Strength (ex. 35% chance to avoid 50% of damage). Can be useful for a Cool-aligned build to avoid getting killed in one shot by a boss or major attack, but otherwise situational.
  • Subdermal Armor – A simple and basic armor enhancement. Very cheap to implant, with a universally useful, if minor, benefit. Use it if you’ve a few points to spare and have an empty slot.
    • Chitin – An Iconic Phantom Liberty-exclusive version of the Subdermal Armor upgrade, this increases armor massively but also is heavily Body-Attuned, adding 10% health regen per Body Attribute point. Can make V almost immortal under the right circumstances, regenerating health almost faster than they can lose it. Highly recommended for Body-heavy builds (melee, LMG-based, and some hacking sub-builds).
  • Nano-plating – Small chance to block an incoming projectile, boosted to 100% for a very brief time after using a dodge or dash. Would be good if it was more reliable, but it’s otherwise just chance-based sniper defense.
  • Optical Camo – Large reduction in visibility to enemies (90% at Tier 5) for a few seconds. An ideal escape button, but not complete invisibility. Slot it and use it to reposition.
  • Painducer – Converts a portion of damage taken into damage-over-time, with Body Attunement that increases damage-over-time resistance. Can be used for Edgerunner-based builds with a low maximum health, but it’s better to just heal the damage outright with items, Blood Pump, or the Adrenaline Rush perk.
  • Shock-n-Awe – Chance to release an aoe electroshock attack whenever you take damage. A relatively small hit, but it can knock enemies down. Hilarious for melee builds that use Berserk or the Beat on the Brat quests.
  • Defenzikov – Another companion implant to the Kerenzikov, which boosts your mitigation chance for a few seconds after Kerenzikov ends. Useless without Kerenzikov.
  • RangeGuard – Large armor boost when no enemies are within 6 m. A sniper and gun-friendly armor enhancement. Also useful for hackers that like to stay at a distance.
  • ProxiShield – A scaling damage reduction based on an enemy’s proximity. Widely useful for any close range gun or melee builds, or when fighting certain bosses.
    • Peripheral Inverse – An Iconic, Phantom Liberty-exclusive version of ProxiShield with a much greater damage reduction effect at the cost of extreme capacity cost.
  • Cellular Adapter – This unique piece of Cyberware is only equippable when you take the Built Different Perk, unlocked by having at least 15 points in Technical Ability. The Cellular Adapter gives a suite of Technical Ability-Attuned passive bonuses, raising explosion resistance and Tech Weapon damage, and speeding up recharge on Grenades and Health Items, all based on your ability score. It’s substantial but not essential unless your build leans into those bonuses specifically.

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Nervous System

Nervous System Cyberware is generally focused on activating passive bonuses related to combat effects. A number of implants in the slot deal with time slowdown effects, crit chance and damage, and increasing movement speed.

  • Kereznikov – The classic Kerenzikov is a situational, movement- and gun-focused “light” version of the Sandevistan that slows down time when you aim a ranged attack while sliding, dashing, or dodging. Quite useful for just about any gun- or throwing weapon-based build, but the slowdown effect has limited usefulness for Smart Weapon enthusiasts, because Smart Weapons require a bit of time to lock onto targets..unless you’re using the Smart Synergy perk that pops instant lock-on when using Overclock.
  • Atomic Sensors – This stealth-enhancing Cyberware increases your movement speed based on enemy detection while in stealth, making it easier to move out of enemy lines of sight. Can be useful even for non-Stealth-focused builds that want to stay undetected for a while, as it has no particular synergy requirements with Perks.
  • NeoFiber – Provides a flat bonus to Mitigation Chance and Strength. Can be used to bring your Mitigation percentage higher, but yours will be somewhat lower unless you’re invested in boosting Mitigation.
  • Synaptic Accelerator – Slows down time briefly when enemy detection reaches 50%. An automatic “panic button” implant that gives you a chance to kill an enemy that’s about to spot you, but of limited utility unless you’re otherwise heavily specced into stealthy play.
  • Stabber – Flat increase to crit chance when using Blades or Throwable Weapons. A must-have for blades-based builds.
  • Tyrosine Injector – Increases headshot damage and movement speed when you perform a takedown (the stealth melee-range instant-kill attack). Great for Cool-based builds, especially now that long-range stealth sniping is less viable as a gameplay approach.
  • Reflex Tuner – Slows time when health drops below 25%. Another panic button, but for active combat. Useful if you find yourself out of sorts in an intense battle.
    • Revulsor – an Iconic version of the Reflex Tuner exclusive to Phantom Liberty. Its only claim to fame is that it doesn’t slow your movement during time dilation (making you effectively faster), but the sheer capacity cost isn’t worth the upgrade.
  • Visual Cortex Support – Increases your weapon crit chance the further you are from an enemy, with a max of +30% at 30m at Tier 5. Good for gunfights and medium-range sniping. Does not apply to Quickhacks.
    • Deep-field Visual InterfacePhantom Liberty-exclusive Iconic Visual Cortex Support, which increases the crit bonus and the range scaling, with 100% at 100m at Tier 5. Major bonuses to sniping. Note that stealth sniping is less viable in 2.0, so expect more enemies to close in and slowly negate your bonus in a fight.
  • Adrenaline Converter – Large bonus to movement speed for a few seconds when entering combat. Potentially useful for closing (or gaining) distance when a fight starts, but the bonus is too short to be reliable.
    • Adreno-trigger – Iconic Phantom Liberty Cyberware that increases the speed bonus by nearly 10x, to 60 sec. at Tier 5. Most non-boss fights last less time than that, so it’s like having a speed bonus for the whole battle. Excellent for melee and agile gunnery builds, if you have the capacity to spare.


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Skeleton Cyberware implants are mostly focused on boosting V’s armor, health, or defenses. It also contians the Titanium Bones upgrade, the only way in the game to specifically improve your Carrying Capacity outside of greater investment in the Body Attribute*. You can also unlock a third Skeleton implant slot by taking the Level 3 License to Chrome Perk in the Technical Ability tree. The Chrome Constitution Perk in the same tree also gives you a flat 5% damage reduction if you fill your Integumentary System and Skeleton slots.

*You can, however, gain a Carrying Capacity bonus from the randomized passive bonuses you unlock when upgrading Cyberware.

  • Titanium Bones – This one gives you a big bonus go Carrying Capacity for a small capcity cost. Carrying Capacity is less important than before now that the outfit system and accessible stashes from owned vehicles means that you don’t have to cart your entire wardrobe around, but if you do find yourself hauling a lot of guns or need to fill a slot for Chrome Constitution, this is a reasonably good filler option.
  • Bionic Joints – A simple flat bonus to Armor. Useful for filler.
  • Dense Marrow – Increased melee damage in exchange for higher Stamina cost for melee attacks. Must-have for melee builds, especially those that use Berserk.
  • Kinetic Frame – Increased Mitigation Chance when Stamina is above 85%. Somewhat situational, since its benefit tends to cut off when you’re in the thick of a fight, but you’ll need it if you intend to increase your Mitigation chance.
  • Spring Joints – Gives a flat bonus to Mitigation Strength (up to maximum of 90%). Another necessary pick for Mitigation min-maxers, but as mentioned earlier, Mitigation is something of an iffy stat to try to maximize. A nice-to-have if you have spare capacity and nothing else to spend it on.
  • Para Bellum – Like Bionic Joints, this one gives you an armor bonus, but as a percentage of your current armor. Can be powerful if you have high armor already, but can be worse than other options if your Armor is low.
    • Rara Avis – An upgraded, Phantom Liberty-exclusive Iconic version of the Para Bellum, but with a much more massive armor bonus. It’s got an incredible capacity cost, though, and Armor suffers a lot from diminishing returns in terms of survivability.
  • Scar Coalescer – Percentage bonus to armor when below 50% health. A useful bonus now that you’re more likely to be at lower health in combat, but it’s unbalanced for its capacity cost. Better to go for a flat bonus via Bionic Joints or Para Bellum.
  • Scarab – Large bonus to armor when crouching in exchange for a movement speed penalty when crouching. Terrible for stealth builds, though you will crouch more often than you think to stay behind cover in full combat. Still less useful than a flat bonus, though.
  • Universal Booster – Causes health items to add a bonus to armor and stamina cost reduction when used. These bonuses could be useful if they scaled with the size of the heal (giving them synergy with Blood Pump or Second Heart), but even if they did, they only last a measly 5 seconds. Simply not worth the capacity cost for the duration.
  • RAM Recoup – Adds a small amount of Max RAM and restores a small amount of RAM when receiving damage. The only hacking-specific Skeleton implant, this is a good option for fighting hackers, as taking damage lets you hack more.
  • Epimorphic Skeleton – A flat bonus to max health. If you can afford the capacity cost, the health bonus is considerable.
  • Feen-X – Boosts your RAM Regen Rate when your available RAM drops below a certain amount (dependent on tier). Allows Netrunner builds to dedicate more slots across their body to RAM management, as the Frontal Cortex is very valuable implant real estate.

Where do I get Cyberware Mods in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 and Phantom Liberty?

As mentioned in the above explanation of how Cyberware works, all Cyberware mods have been removed from the game.

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Differences in Cyberware functionality are now segregated between different models of Cyberware. Old mods like Fast Rotors or High Capacity Batteries are gone. The only mods in the game following the 2.0 update are for weapons.

Need more help with Cyberpunk 2077 or Phantom Liberty? Check out our other guides, such as our detailed review of every Cyberdeck, our list of iconic weapons, and how to get every free vehicle.

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