Final Fantasy XVI Orchestrion Rolls Location guide, version 1.21 and Echoes of the Fallen

There’s not a huge number of collectibles in Final Fantasy XVI, but one of the more notable and useful items you can have Clive gather as he journeys across Valisthea is the Orchestrion Music Rolls. These are handy souvenirs of your travels, but they’re also actually useful. You can use these Orchestra scrolls in the Orchestrion machine in the Hideaway to customize your base’s soundtrack.

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There’s 32 Orchestrion Music Rolls in FF16 in total – but collecting them all isn’t entirely simple. Some unlock naturally as you progress the story, some have to be purchased from stores, and some have to be found in treasure chests out in the world. This makes a few easily missable, just as with the Curiosities for the Wall of Memories, FF16’s other main collectible. 

There were originally 24 Orchestion Music Rolls in FF16, but update 1.21 and the release of Echoes of the Fallen have increased the number to 32. Note that getting all of them will require purchasing the DLC content.

On this guide, we explain where and how & where to get all 32 FF16 Orchestrion Rolls – making it a breeze to get Clive a full collection.

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FF16 Orchestrion Roll Locations & Unlocks

As mentioned above, the FF16 Orchestrion Roll locations are split into four basic categories of unlock. Some are unlocked by story means, some are purchased from shops (though when they appear in shops is also often gated by story quest progression), some are unlocked by gathering Renown, and some are hidden in treasure chests in the open zone areas of FF16’s map, making them ideal to hunt for as you track down the Chronolith Trials.

This guide will help you to find all 32, unlocking all of the music to play in the Hideaway and completing another aspect of Clive’s journey to 100%.

FF16 Orchestrion Roll List

In the menu of the Orchestrion, each of the Orchestrion Rolls that can be played appear in a specific order, with any you haven’t unlocked simply marked as ???? with a vague clue as to where to find them. Helpfully, this means we can reproduce that order here – and you can cross-reference our list with your in-game list to see which you’re missing.

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The in-game list is thankfully a set order - so we can offer an FF16 Orchestrion Roll list that matches.

Here’s all 32 Orchestrian Rolls, in the order they appear in Final Fantasy XVI’s Orchestrion machine menu:

  1. Hide, Hideaway: Unlocked automatically through story progression, at the same time as the Orchestrion feature.
  2. Our Terms: Unlocked automatically through story progression, after the second time skip.
  3. Twilight: Unlocked after the main scenario quest ‘Fire in the Sky’ is completed for the first time.
  4. Where the Heart Is: Unlocks when you actually use the Orchestrion device in the Hideaway for the first time.
  5. Sorrow’s Faded Form: Unlocked by completing the main scenario quest ‘Home, Sweet Home’.
  6. Good Bones: Unlocked upon completion of the main scenario quest ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’. 
  7. Forevermore: Available from a Treasure Chest in Martha’s Rest, Rosaria. 
  8. The Founder’s Footsteps: Sold in the Martha’s Rest shop for 20,000 Gil.
  9. Darkest Before the Dawn: Sold in the Martha’s Rest shop for 25,000 Gil. Added in Version 1.21.
  10. Histoire: Found in a Treasure Chest in Lostwing, Sanbreque.
  11. Idylls of the Empire: Sold at the Lostwing shop for 40,000 Gil. Also sold by Charon at the Hideaway.
  12. In Darkness Hope: Sold in the Northreach shop for 25,000 Gil. Added in Version 1.21.
  13. Sand and Stone: Grabbed from a Treasure Chest in Bokland, Dhalmekia. 
  14. O’er Shifting Sands Lie: Sold in the Boklad Markets shop for 25,000 Gil. Added in Version 1.21.
  15. The Thousand Tables: Sold at the Dalimal Inn shop for 40,000 Gil.
  16. The Desert Dims: Sold in the Dalamil shop for 25,000 Gil. Added in Version 1.21.
  17. Indomitable: Available in a Treasure Chest in Eistla, Waloed.
  18. The Lion and the Hare: Sold in the Dravozd Shop for 40,000 Gil, but only once you’ve completed the side quest Blacksmith’s Blues III.
  19. Lovely, Dark, and Deep: Sold in the shop at Eastpool, or by Charon at the Hideaway, for 40,000 Gil.
  20. Before the Storm: Sold in the shop at Northreach for 50,000 Gil.
  21. A Rose is a Rose: Available at Patron’s Whisper in the Hideaway once you attain 135 Renown.
  22. Into the Mire: Sold at the shop in Moore in northern Sanbreque, or at the Hideaway, for 40,000 Gil.
  23. Betrayal: Sold in Bokland, Dhalmekia, for 40,000 Gil.
  24. Night Terrors: Sold at the shop in Amber, Rosaria for 20,000 Gil. If the Amber shop isn’t available, find it with Charon in the Hideaway.
  25. On the Shoulders of Giants: Available from the Tabor shop in Dhalmekia for 20,000 Gil.
  26. To Sail Forbidden Seas: Available from the Patron’s Whisper at the Hideaway once you acquire 2850 Renown.
  27. No Risk, No Reward: Unlocked by the Patron’s Whisper in the Hideaway by obtaining 1120 Renown.
  28. My Star: Sold in Charons’s shop for 40,000 Gil. Added in Version 1.21. Might be available from a limited-time shop beforehand.
  29. The Worm Mounts: Found near the end of the Echoes of the Fallen DLC in a treasure chest.
  30. Eikonoklasm: Sold in Charons’s shop for 45,000 Gil after completing  Echoes of the Fallen.
  31. The Sound of Silence: Unlocked automatically on completion of the main scenario quest ‘Wings of Change’. 
  32. Away (1987): Acquired automatically upon purchasing Echoes of the Fallen.

Automatically unlocked Orchestrion Rolls

The following Orchestrions you don’t need to worry about  – just progress FF16’s story and you’ll recieve these music track unlocks:

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  • Hide, Hideaway: Alongside the Orchestrion itself.
  • Our Terms: After the second time skip.
  • Twilight: After the main story quest ‘Fire in the Sky’.
  • Where the Heart Is: After using the Orchestrion for the first time.
  • Sorrow’s Faded Form: After the main story quest ‘Home, Sweet Home’.
  • Good Bones: After the main story quest ‘Like Father, Like Daughter’. 
  • The Sound of Silence: After main story quest ‘Wings of Change’. 
  • Away (1987): Acquire automatically upon purchasing Echoes of the Fallen.

Patron’s Whisper & Renown Orchestrion Roll unlocks

Rack up renown and head to the Patron's Whisper to unlock more Orchestrion Rolls.

The following Orchestrion Scrolls are unlocked at Patron’s Whisper, the station near the Hunt Board manned by Desiree in the Hideaway. Here, you unlock rewards periodically by collecting Renown and boosting Clive’s reputation as a heroic outlaw. 

If you want to farm Renown, the best way is via quests and hunts – and our FF16 Hunts and complete Side Quests guide can help you with both of those. 

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  • A Rose is a Rose: Requires 135 Renown.
  • No Risk, No Reward: Requires 1120 Renown.
  • To Sail Forbidden Seas: Requires 2850 Renown.

Shop-based Orchestrion Roll unlocks

The majority of the FF16 Orchestrion Roll unlocks are purchased from shops across the world.

The vast majority of the optionally unlockable Orchestra Music for the hideaway is actually found in the many shops of FF16 – meaning you’ll just need to visit shops and spend your hard-earned gil to earn them.

Some shops disappear as FF16’s story progresses – but when this happens, the stock from those stores immediately becomes available from the Charon’s Toll shop in the hideaway – so don’t worry, if you’re looking for a scroll from this list and it isn’t available at the main shop lised because that shop has disappeared, go see Charon. There’s no missables here!

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  • The Founder’s Footsteps: Martha’s Rest – Rosaria, 20,000 Gil.
  • Idylls of the Empire: Lostwing – Sanbreque, 40,000 Gil. (Later at Charon’s Toll)
  • The Thousand Tables: Dalimal Inn – Dhalmekia, 40,000 Gil.
  • The Lion and the Hare: Dravozd – Dhalmekia, 40,000 Gil. Requires the quest Blacksmith’s Blues III.
  • Lovely, Dark, and Deep: Eastpool – Rosaria, 40,000 Gil. (Later at Charon’s Toll)
  • Before the Storm: Northreach – Sanbreque, 50,000 Gil.
  • Into the Mire: Moore – Sanbreque, 40,000 Gil. (Later at Charon’s Toll)
  • Betrayal: Bokland – Dhalmekia, 40,000 Gil.
  • Night Terrors: Amber – Rosaria, 20,000 Gil. (Later at Charon’s Toll)
  • On the Shoulders of Giants: Tabor – Dhalmekia, 20,000 Gil.

Added in Version 1.21 / Echoes of the Fallen

  • Darkest Before the Dawn: 25,000 Gil from shop at Martha’s Rest.
  • In Darkness Hope: 25,000 Gil from Northreach
  • The Desert Dims: 25,000 Gil from the shop at Dalimil.
  • O’er Shifting Sands Lie: 25,000 Gil from The Boklad Markets.
  • My Star: 40,000 Gil from Charon in the Hideaway. Might be available at a temporary shop before being available at the Hideaway.
  • Eikonoklasm: Purchase from Charon after beating Echoes of the Fallen for 40,000 Gil

Treasure Chest Orchestrion Roll unlocks

In addition to all of the above, there’s four Orchestrion Rolls hidden in FF16’s open zone areas, plus one found during  Echoes of the Fallen. As it happens, this tallies nicely – as there are four open zone ‘kingdoms’ in FF16. So, as you might imagine, that means there’s one roll found in a treasure chest for each of the larger explorable areas of Final Fantasy XVI.

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Though they morph and change over the course of FF16, these open zones remain available to Clive all the way through his adventure. So you can return to nab these chests at any point from when these zones unlock until right before starting the final charge on FF16’s final mission. 

Here’s where to find each of the four chests in a little more detail:

Forevermore Orchestrion Roll Location

The location of one of the Orchestrion Roll treasure chests in FF16.

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Grab this chest in Martha’s Rest, the safe haven town found in Rosaria. If you teleport to the fast travel obelisk within Martha’s Rest itself, you just need to head north-east within the town itself, to a small alleyway that’s in the furthest north-eastern point of the town

Hidden in shadow is the chest, which contains the Forevermore music for the hideaway, plus some crafting materials.

Histoire Orchestrion Roll Location

The location of Sanbreque's Orchestrion Roll treasure chests in FF16.

For the Kingdom of Sanbreque, you’ll need to head to The Hanged Man pub which is in Lostwing. This place is visited early, but it doesn’t remain an entirely safe zone for the whole game – though the chest remains there even after the villages clear out of the town.

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Inside The Hanged Man, you’ll need to head up the stairs, and then keep your eye out for ladders. Climbing stairs and ladders alike, you’ll want to head right up into the pub’s rafters – where this chest awaits. 

Sand and Stone Orchestrion Roll Location

The location of the Dhalmekian Orchestrion Roll treasure chests in FF16.

Heading to the Republic of Dhalmekia, you’ll need to first head to the town of Boklad, which becomes available a little later on during your adventures across the Dhalmekian provinces. In the Western bit of Boklad, to the left of the Crimson Caravans and north of The Wheel and Crescent, there’s a small alleyway.

As with many chests, you’ll find this Treasure Chest containing the musical roll hiding in the shadows within this alleway. 

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Indomitable Orchestrion Roll Location

The location of Waloed's Orchestrion Roll treasure chest in FF16.

Waloed is the final land you visit in FF16, and this hostile kingdom has no friendly and inhabited towns – but it still has an Orchestrion Scroll to find. For this you’ll want to head to the town of Eistla, which happily happens to have its very own fast travel obelisk, making things easier.

From the fast travel Obelisk, head to the raised part on the western half of the town, just below the abandoned taven, The Maudlin Mason. There’s a more open chunk of map connected to some narrow pathways – and here, under a shed-like building, you’ll find the chest with the Orchestrion roll. 

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