iPhone 12 Comes Back To Life After Being Submerged In Lake For 3 Months; Exceeded Apple’s 30 Minute Claim

While iPhones are not renowned for their robust durability, a remarkable tale of resilience emerges as an iPhone 12 defies expectations by surviving three months underwater. Typically designed for water resistance up to a maximum depth of 6 meters and 30 minutes, this particular iPhone 12 exceeded its limits, enduring an extraordinary three-month submersion and emerging functional. The incident stands as a testament to the unexpected endurance of this specific device.

In Northern California, a diver named Lee stumbled upon an iPhone 12 submerged in the Stanislaus River on November 10th while searching for salmon. Covered in algae and nestled among rocks, Lee cleaned and left it to dry for a few days. Astonishingly, the iPhone 12, connected to a charger on November 16th, not only powered on but also functioned without a passcode.

Without a passcode, Lee managed to unlock the iPhone 12, revealing recent photos and contacts. The last video recorded on September 4th depicted scenes from the same river, indicating the device had likely been submerged for three months. Although Lee hasn’t identified the owner yet, there are plans to contact individuals from the contacts list with the intention of returning the device.

The resilience of the iPhone 12, surviving a three-month underwater stint, is truly remarkable. Its ability to continue functioning seamlessly in a situation where most devices would likely fail adds an intriguing layer to this story of unexpected durability.

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