Stepping into the kitchen of 2024 will be a transformative experience, as Kitchens International, the leading independent kitchen designers and retailers, forecast a shift towards vibrant and bold aesthetics that redefine the heart of the home.

KI Designer Minty Glenn says: “We are seeing a rise in multi-functional kitchens, ones with incorporated dining and living areas. The kitchen is no longer just a room; it’s the living, beating heart of the home where plans are made, company is enjoyed and memories are created.”

Embrace vibrancy and personality – Say farewell to neutral tones, as 2024 is all about embracing bold and vibrant colours in the kitchen.  Homeowners are increasingly opting for deep blues, emerald greens, warm terracotta, and copper oranges to make a powerful statement and infuse personality into their kitchen design. The strategic use of textured woods complements this colour palette providing depth and comfort to the living space.

The central island, a staple in many open plan kitchens, has evolved into a more conversational and intimate space. It now serves as a hub where family and friends gather to socialise, work, or congregate. The diverse range of design options ensures that kitchen islands cater to various tastes and home styles.

Sit yourself down – informality is the key in seating with breakfast bars containing armchair bar stools or even banquette seating with a table off the island. A separate area for dining with booth seating is becoming more popular and takes up less room than a freestanding table, so ideal for more compact spaces.

Store it up – kitchen storage has leapt forward with its innovative solutions such as large walk-in pantries and built-in drawers in a larder unit, which is a quick and efficient way to reach all your items, even those hidden at the back. Every storage solution will be packed with internal racks and holders to make kitchen life ever easier and more efficient.

With an increase in worktop standing appliances such as air fryers, new storage solutions for 2024 include ‘hideaway units’ with pull out worktops to house these appliances, as well as sliding doors and sensor openings to create a seamless look.

Top it off – Minty Glenn adds: “Worktops are usually used as the statement piece in the kitchen, with an opportunity to add large areas of texture or colour. Manufacturers now provide a wider array of bolder colours and designs, enabling clients to create fabulous and personalised kitchen spaces.

Light it up – trends for 2024 focus on discretion with under wall unit, plinth, or perimeter lights acting as subtle backlights. Senior Sales Designer Louisa Forsyth comments: “Layered lighting gives depth and character to a kitchen with a focus on feature pendants over the island or dining areas, while the cabinetry lighting round the walls will be much more subtle.”

Must have for 2024 – in the pursuit of sustainability and intelligent recycling, Kitchens International identifies the indispensable elements for 2024 kitchens as Quooker boiling water taps and integrated bins. These bins equipped with built-in opening sensors for touchless access, aligns with the increasing emphasis on eco-friendly practises.

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