Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Purged A Record 71 Lakh Indian WhatsApp Accounts In One Month: Report

In its recent compliance report, Meta-owned WhatsApp disclosed that it banned a record-breaking 71 lakh accounts in India during the 30 days of November 2023, aligning with the new IT Rules 2021. The company revealed that of the expelled accounts, 19,54,000 were preemptively banned before any user-generated reports. The messaging platform has over 500 million users in the country and has been facing a surge in phishing and other scam messages. With the escalating complaints, WhatsApp handled 8,841 grievances during November. The term “Accounts Actioned” in Meta’s report signifies instances where WhatsApp took corrective measures in response to complaints. This figure tallied up to six actions taken during the period.

The Indian government recently launched a Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) to address the grievances of social media users under the new IT Rules 2021. It ensures a safe and secure internet for Indian users, wherein Digital Nagriks can appeal to the GAC to address their issues. The GAC endeavors to resolve the reports within 30 days of raising the token. The Ministry of Electronics and IT launched the GAC on February 28, 2023. Per the new stipulations, every social media platform needs to have a grievance officer to ensure that citizens do not find themselves helpless and stranded. The appellant can lodge their complaints on a dedicated portal at

Meanwhile, besides WhatsApp, Meta sanitized its other platforms by removing 18.3 million inappropriate pieces of content from Facebook and 4.7 million from Instagram during November 2023. This content moderation is in line with the 13 content policies of Facebook and the 12 policies of Instagram that address various violations.

Here’s how the netizens reacted to the news:.

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