Narayana Murthy Has Only One Regret In His Life; Not Allowing Wife Sudha Murthy To…

During a recent interview, the Infosys co-founder expressed profound regret for not involving Sudha Murthy in the eponymous journey of India’s arguably biggest success in IT – Infosys. He added that he has now changed his former position, which was due to his idealism. ‘I was wrong,’ Mr. Murthy remarked. He blamed his environment for the influence it had over him, leading to such a decision. The 70-hour work week proponent said that he now believes what he was doing back then was wrong. Back when the foundation of Infosys was laid, Murthy did not let his family be a part of it in order to allow good governance. He further admitted that Sudha was more qualified than all the co-founders of Infosys. His computer scientist son, Rohan Murthy, the co-founder of Soroco, is even more idealistic than the idealistic era of Mr. Murthy. He said that his son is even stricter. He also junked the rumors of Rohan ever joining Infosys.

The Murthy family continues to grab headlines for their controversial takes on sensitive matters key to policy making, employment, work, culture, and you name it. Earlier, Mr. Murthy stirred controversy by advocating for a 70 hour work week to restore India like Germany and Japan post World War II. He also suggested the infrastructure industry go on an overdrive to furnish pending projects on time. Meanwhile, Sudha Murthy stoked controversy over her remark on carrying her own utensils owing to her ‘pure vegetarian’ dietary practices. In Britain, Daughter and Damaad Akshata-Rishi, the first family of the UK, are criticized for cozying up to Infosys for key projects.

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