National Pizza Day 2024 in Brazil: What Is Brazilian Style Pizza? From Calabresa to Corn and Bacon, 5 Common Brazilian Pizza Toppings Every Food Lover Should Know

National Pizza Day in Brazil, celebrated on July 10, is a day dedicated to one of the country’s favourite foods. Pizza holds a special place in Brazilian cuisine, and this day is marked by special promotions, events, and gatherings centered around enjoying a variety of pizzas.Pizzerias across Brazil offer discounts and unique flavours to commemorate the day, inviting families and friends to come together and indulge in this beloved dish. Brazilian pizza is known for its unique and diverse toppings, often reflecting the country’s rich culinary heritage. As we celebrate National Pizza Day 2024, here we bring you the five common toppings of Brazilian pizza that every food lover should know.

What Is Brazilian Style Pizza?

Unlike traditional Italian pizza, Brazilian versions can feature a wide range of ingredients, from classic mozzarella and tomato to more adventurous options like catupiry cheese, hearts of palm, and even sweet toppings like chocolate and bananas. The crust is typically thin and crispy, and the pizzas are often baked in wood-fired ovens, giving them a distinct flavour and texture. Brazilian pizza culture is vibrant and innovative, making it a beloved staple in the country’s gastronomy.

As you observe National Pizza Day 2024 in Brazil, we at LatestLY,bring you a list of five toppings that are generally found in Brazilian Pizza. National Pizza Week: From Chicken Pizza to New York-Style Pizza; 5 Recipes To Try Out at Home for Celebrating This Cheesy Delight. 

1. Calabresa: Spicy sausage similar to pepperoni, often accompanied by onions and olives.

2. Catupiry: A creamy cheese spread that adds a rich, indulgent flavour to pizzas.

3. Hearts of Palm: Adds a unique, tender texture and a mild, slightly nutty flavour.

4. Corn and Bacon: A sweet and savoury combination that is both unusual and delicious.

5. Chocolate and Strawberries: A popular choice for dessert pizzas, combining the sweetness of chocolate with the freshness of strawberries.

National Pizza Day in Brazil highlights the country’s love for pizza and its innovative approach to this beloved dish. Brazilian pizza stands out with its diverse toppings and unique flavours, reflecting the nation’s rich culinary traditions. From spicy calabresa to creamy catupiry, and even sweet combinations like chocolate and strawberries, Brazilian pizza offers something for every palate. As families and friends gather to celebrate, National Pizza Day not only showcases the delicious variety of Brazilian pizza but also brings people together to enjoy and appreciate this iconic food. Wishing everyone Happy National Pizza Day 2024!

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