Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Meloetta: Where to find and and spawn Meloetta

As always when it comes to Pokemon DLC, one of the stronger selling points for picking up Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Expansion Pass is gaining access to returning legendary Pokemon. In The Indigo Disk’s case, one previously mythical Pokemon, Meloetta, makes its return – albeit with some rather obtuse requirements for getting it to spawn in the first place. Thankfully, once you know the process of getting it to spawn, actually doing so is a rather quick and easy affair.

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Where to find and spawn Meloetta

Meloetta can only be spawned in a very specific section of Blueberry Academy, almost directly East from the Coastal Outdoor Classroom fast travel point. Head to the location highlight below, and look very carefully for a section of the grass where wind is blowing leaves in circles constantly. Once you’ve discovered it, you’ll want to center yourself inside the gusts of wind and spin in place for around 10 seconds. Immediately after finishing spinning, bring out the Rotom Phone’s camera and switch its filter to “Sepia”. Then, by lightly holding right on the right stick, pan the camera until Meloetta will magically have spawned right next to where you put on your spinning performance.

Why are these the requirements to spawn Meloetta? Who knows. Longtime Pokemon fans will know that Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire also had a similarly obtuse requirement for spawning Regigigas; while Meloetta requires significantly less setup than in that case – theoretically, it might be possible to catch before you’ve even started Blueberry Academy’s storyline – it’s still a humorously difficult requirement for players to eventually discover.

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Once you’ve caught Meloetta, how about looking into how to find and capture some of the other Legendary Pokemon added with The Indigo Disk? No matter what your next step for the DLC is, best of luck on your stay in Unova!


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