Realme Book Series Discontinued In India, Official Confirmation Via X (Twitter)

Over the years, Realme, renowned for its smartphones, has successfully expanded its product portfolio beyond mobile devices. The company has ventured into various categories, introducing smart TVs, streaming devices, audio gadgets, and more. Adding to this diversification, Realme made its foray into the laptop market in India in August 2021 with the launch of the Realme Book (Slim).

With just over two years since the introduction of newer models, Realme has made a significant decision to discontinue its entire Realme Book lineup in India. The move was brought to public attention when a user, Jhaba (@JhabarMS), inquired about purchasing the Realme Book and Realme Watch. Realme’s official India support responded by confirming the discontinuation of the Realme Book and its removal from the official website.

Back in 2023, OnePlus and Realme revealed their departure from the Indian television market.

Realme’s Response to Consumer Inquiry

Responding to the user’s query, Realme’s support stated that the Realme Book has been discontinued, leading to its removal from the official website. The user was also encouraged to provide details about the specific Realme Watch model for further assistance. Subsequent investigation revealed that all previously existing models from the Realme Book lineup have been removed from the official website. However, the Realme Book Prime, launched in 2022, remains available for purchase on Flipkart, with limited stocks on Amazon as of the time of compiling this article.

While the Realme Book has been discontinued in India, it is still accessible and available for purchase on the official website in China. The disparity in availability raises questions about the brand’s global product strategy.

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