Samsung Health APK Teardown Reveals Galaxy Ring’s Health Features Ahead of Debut

Ahead of the Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for July 10th, an APK teardown of the Samsung Health app has revealed potential health features expected on the rumored Galaxy Ring. These features will be closely scrutinized to determine how they compare with those offered by Galaxy smartwatches.

Android Authority has delved into the Samsung Health app, uncovering activated features related to the anticipated Galaxy Ring. While the Ring has yet to be released and details about the unpacked Samsung Health APK version remain undisclosed, such APK teardowns often reveal potential features slated for future products or updates. Here are the Galaxy Ring features unearthed by the Samsung Health app.

The Samsung Ring, as uncovered by Android Authority through an APK teardown of the Samsung Health app, appears poised to offer several advanced health features:

Heart Rate Tracking:

Equipped with optical sensors, the Galaxy Ring is expected to monitor pulse rates through finger-area pulse expansion and contraction.

Stress Monitoring:

The Ring is speculated to assess stress levels by monitoring Electrodermal Activity (EDA), skin temperature, activity levels (such as restlessness or fidgeting), and heart rate variability.

Period Monitoring:

Screenshots from the APK teardown indicate that the Galaxy Ring supports period tracking via skin temperature analysis. This feature allows users to track ovulation cycles and predict future menstrual and fertile windows.

Snore Detection:

Similar to Galaxy smartwatches, the Galaxy Ring will feature snore detection during sleep sessions when the phone is nearby and charging. Users can opt to enable snore detection for individual sleep sessions or continuously. The app will request permission to record audio, timestamp recordings, and automatically delete them after a specified period.

These features suggest that the Galaxy Ring aims to provide comprehensive health monitoring capabilities in a compact wearable form.

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